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Continuous Feeding Clinching Gun

Continuous Feeding Clinching Gun

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Product Name: Continuous Feeding Clinching Gun
Model No: M66-SD / M46-SD
Place of Origin:Zhejiang 
Delivery Date:1 MONTH
Payment Type:T/T, LC
Special Groups: New Product (2)
Cordless Nailer Guns (11)
Pallet and Case (4)
Mattress and Bedding (9)
Construction - Roof and Fence (13)
Joinery and Uphostery Furniture (9)

Main application and performances:
It's mainly used for buckle joint of springs with the frames of mat-tresses and sofas. Clips of this gun are invalid and jointed with polyethylene line.Only once loaded, all clips can be continuously fed. This gun adopting spring hanging equipment, the labour in intensity is reduced and the producitivity is highly improved.
Number of clips: 10000 ancients
Production efficiency: 5000 shoots/hour
Overall dimension: 120 × 80 × 220cm
Operating air pressure:  0.5 - 0.8Mpa
M45 4.8 12 CL-13
9.9 CL-15
M46 6.2 12.7 CL-14
15.0 CL-16
13.3 CL-18
M85S 10.8 16.8 CL-90
10.4 18.3 CL-91
M65 4.8 12.7 CL-23 CL-73
15.5 CL-24 CL-74
M66 6.2 12.3 CL-3 CL-71
14.1 CL-4 CL-72
M85 6.8 17.1 CL-34  
M85S 6.8 18.5   CL-75
7.0 18.2 CL-36  
M87 8.4 19.5 CL-37 CL-77
M87W 10.5 17.3 CL-92  
Continuous Feeding Clinching Gun
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